• USX MOUNT TV Wandhalterung Kipphalterungen
  • Für die meisten 37"-70" LED 4K OLED Flachbildschirme
  • Max VESA 600x400mm
  • Weight Capacity 132lbs
  • Platzsparend mit geringem Profil für 16", 24" Bolzen
(524 Kundenrezensionen)

Nicht vorrätig

Nicht vorrätig


Einfache Installation

Auf Holzbolzen oder massivem Beton, nicht allein auf Trockenbau montieren!


Kompatibel mit mehreren VESA-Bereichen


Die zuverlässigste Halterung für Zuhause und Büro

Volle Distanz

Volle Distanz von der Wand


  • Passend für 37"-70" Flachbildfernseher
  • VESA: 200×100 / 200×200 / 400×200 / 400×400 / 600x400mm
  • Kippwinkel: +0°/-8°
  • Distance to the wall: 38mm (1.5”)
  • Weight Capacity: 132 Pfund (60kg)


Diese TV-Wandhalterung passt für die meisten 37-70“-Zoll-Fernseher mit einem Gewicht von bis zu 132 Pfund und einer VESA-Größe von 200 * 100 bis 600 * 400 mm.


Mit der TV-Wandhalterung können Sie Ihren Fernseher bis zu 1,5“ Zoll an die Wand bringen und so einen sofortigen, modernen und professionellen Ausehen für Ihr Zuhause und Ihr Büro erzielen.


Kippwinkel + 0 / -10°, neigen Sie Ihr Fernsehgerät für eine bessere Sicht basierend auf Ihrer Position.


Einfache Installation dieser TV-Halterung an einem Holzbolzen oder einer Betonwand mit detaillierten Anweisungen, alle mitgelieferten vorbeschrifteten Hardware-Beutel (Hinweise können Ihnen helfen, zu unterscheiden, welche Schraube Sie verwenden sollten). Durch Ziehen von Gurten können Sie Ihren Fernseher leicht verriegeln und loslassen. Wenn Sie Betonanker benötigen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte, um diese kostenlos zu erhalten. Diese werden aus den USA verschickt.


Mit 6ft HDMI, Wasserwaage, 3 Stück Kabelbindern und allen Standard-Montageteilen, und 10 Jahren freundlicher Kundenservice in den USA.

Zusätzliche Information

TV Size

40inch, 41inch, 42inch, 43inch, 44inch, 45inch, 46inch, 47inch, 48inch, 49inch, 50inch, 51inch, 52inch, 53inch, 54inch, 55inch, 56inch, 57inch, 58inch, 59inch, 60inch, 61inch, 62inch, 63inch, 64inch, 65inch, 66inch, 67inch, 68inch, 69inch, 70inch


200x100mm, 200x200mm, 400x200mm, 400x400mm, 600x400mm

Maximum Loading Weight (lbs)


524 Bewertungen für XTL006

  1. Erin Mitchell

    This was super easy to use on my tv. The hardware includes items for many sizes of tv and it was easy to choose just what we needed to get mine on the wall. Great product and great quality!

  2. denican

    Easy to install. Great quality for the price!

  3. Tech Rex

    This is the 2nd mount from USX that I have received and just like the last one it was very simple to install, very sturdy. The main thing I don’t like is like the last one these mounts are prepared for a concrete wall installation, so you would have to get the necessary items for a drywall installation.

  4. Flor

    Muy fuerte

  5. Charles Young

    Wasn’t sure it would hold the tv, but it’s still up there. Mom loves the new tv and very happy it’s on the wall. Great price

  6. james sawtell

    Works as intended

  7. Hala

    I liked it

  8. Your name

    Sper fcil de instalar

  9. Germany Johnson

    If the dumby in my house can hang this … you can too. Just buy it you know you want too

  10. Johnny Yo

    Easy to Mount and latch.The mounting plate isn’t very wide. About 16 inches just enough to extend most studs. The TV attached can slide on the mount left or right but depending on your wall placement, you may have to use the alternate holes on one stud and anchors for the corners.This mount does tilt so it is not very low profile. I can easily curl my hand behind the TV and the wall when mounted. The hanging release tabs can be annoying to hide even if they do allow for an easy release. Of course I don’t plan on using them often once mounted.

  11. Al Jackson

    Very straight forward install. Provided all thats requires to get it into the wall, level and attach to tv. Real good deal for the 40″ I hung

  12. DIY Guy

    Relatively simple and lightweight design but that is why I like it. Mounts a decent sized flat panel nice and snug to the wall securely. Hardware is included to both mount the two rails to the back of the TV and the mounting frame to the wall. I did swap out the hardware for my preferred drywall fasteners but just personal preference and not needed. Easy to remove the TV from the bracket when needed but no concern about “accidentally” coming off. I did not use the “tilt” function but that is a nice feature if needed and easy to adjust.

  13. Deborah C.

    Easy to install, very sturdy

  14. keith

    I was lucky I only asked this mount to handle a 32″ cheap and light Roku TV. Won’t support or make you happy unless you use a 32″ to maybe a 40″. Mount feels week even after a quality installation. Just don’t like it, I have solid mounts in important places in the home…This is a quest room type of mount and TV combo.

  15. sonia collazo

    Ordered fir all my 3 guest rooms, 2 for my daughter , my master… awesome idea . Worked great if Properly installed

  16. Zforzombie

    Awesome. It holds the TV well. 0 falls. 0 close calls. Sturdy and easy to just take the TV off it.. if you need to do that..

  17. Old man

    Easy install.Holds tv with no movement issues.Setting the angle of view was a breeze.

  18. Tat2blk

    Great for the $

  19. iris e gonzalez

    Very easy to install.

  20. Kristen

    had someone hang this up for me as I’m a single parent and I have no idea how to use power tools but he seemed to have a pretty easy job hanging it up and it looks great

  21. J. Neidig

    If I had to assemble and mount this alone I’m pretty sure I would have returned it. The directions were not the best. Once it was put together and mounted it was great!

  22. Dude46

    Satisfied with my purchase and it works great, but I’m sure I did not read the part about having spacing of 16 inches between wall studs. I made it work with 24 inches between studs, but be sure before you make the mistake I did!

  23. camille pilkington

    The mount is easy to install, the quality of the materials is good. The only flaw I have to say is there is a design flaw… your T.v will not hang straight due to the way you are supposed to hang the t.v up… On one side it has a part where you can hook the part thats on the back of the t.v to the mount, and that same part it not on the other side of the mount, putting your t.v at a slight angle…

  24. Veronica Perez


  25. Sam sambhi


  26. joan

    Every thing was good.

  27. Douglas V. Janowski

    I fail to understand why you can spend so much for so little. I only hung a 40 tv that weights so little. Buy this product and save money.

  28. A. De La Hoz

    Instructions were clear for me and was easy to install.It has some kind of plastic on the wall mount on the top left that lets you slot in the part that hooks up to the TV so the tv stays in place and wont slide side to side if bumped I guessing, but it messes with the level of the tv lifting it a little, I had to slide the tv all the way to the right to get it off that plastic, now the tv is perfectly leveled.

  29. Vincent M. Castellano

    Great mount all necessary hardware included. I would definitely recommend and also buy it again

  30. Listen To Me

    Ordered had someone put it up and it works just fine.

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