• USX MOUNT TV Wandhalterung Kipphalterungen
  • Für die meisten 37"-70" LED 4K OLED Flachbildschirme
  • Max VESA 600x400mm
  • Weight Capacity 132lbs
  • Platzsparend mit geringem Profil für 16", 24" Bolzen
(524 Kundenrezensionen)

Nicht vorrätig

Nicht vorrätig


Einfache Installation

Auf Holzbolzen oder massivem Beton, nicht allein auf Trockenbau montieren!


Kompatibel mit mehreren VESA-Bereichen


Die zuverlässigste Halterung für Zuhause und Büro

Volle Distanz

Volle Distanz von der Wand


  • Passend für 37"-70" Flachbildfernseher
  • VESA: 200×100 / 200×200 / 400×200 / 400×400 / 600x400mm
  • Kippwinkel: +0°/-8°
  • Distance to the wall: 38mm (1.5”)
  • Weight Capacity: 132 Pfund (60kg)


Diese TV-Wandhalterung passt für die meisten 37-70“-Zoll-Fernseher mit einem Gewicht von bis zu 132 Pfund und einer VESA-Größe von 200 * 100 bis 600 * 400 mm.


Mit der TV-Wandhalterung können Sie Ihren Fernseher bis zu 1,5“ Zoll an die Wand bringen und so einen sofortigen, modernen und professionellen Ausehen für Ihr Zuhause und Ihr Büro erzielen.


Kippwinkel + 0 / -10°, neigen Sie Ihr Fernsehgerät für eine bessere Sicht basierend auf Ihrer Position.


Einfache Installation dieser TV-Halterung an einem Holzbolzen oder einer Betonwand mit detaillierten Anweisungen, alle mitgelieferten vorbeschrifteten Hardware-Beutel (Hinweise können Ihnen helfen, zu unterscheiden, welche Schraube Sie verwenden sollten). Durch Ziehen von Gurten können Sie Ihren Fernseher leicht verriegeln und loslassen. Wenn Sie Betonanker benötigen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte, um diese kostenlos zu erhalten. Diese werden aus den USA verschickt.


Mit 6ft HDMI, Wasserwaage, 3 Stück Kabelbindern und allen Standard-Montageteilen, und 10 Jahren freundlicher Kundenservice in den USA.

Zusätzliche Information

TV Size

40inch, 41inch, 42inch, 43inch, 44inch, 45inch, 46inch, 47inch, 48inch, 49inch, 50inch, 51inch, 52inch, 53inch, 54inch, 55inch, 56inch, 57inch, 58inch, 59inch, 60inch, 61inch, 62inch, 63inch, 64inch, 65inch, 66inch, 67inch, 68inch, 69inch, 70inch


200x100mm, 200x200mm, 400x200mm, 400x400mm, 600x400mm

Maximum Loading Weight (lbs)


524 Bewertungen für XTL006

  1. Jon S.

    Easy to Mount – Makes Hookup a Breeze

  2. Jon S.

    I mounted this in about 10 minutes. I Really like the spring-clip releases on the bottom, as it makes it easy to to swing out the bottom of the TV to get to the HDMI and other ports.

  3. James bounds


  4. Marshmix

    Exceeds expectations

  5. Margaret Linster

    Highly recommend

  6. Saudia

    Happy with this product.

  7. Marty

    Einfache Installation

  8. John Furman

    Low Profile and Great Quality

  9. chris M

    Great product for the dollar

  10. Brian Flaherty

    Does the job well. . .except for. . .

  11. Jennifer F.


  12. Brian Flaherty

    The unit installed easily. And, provided solid support for my 65 inch HDTV. However, it lacked a set of instructions that would have aided me in “centering” the TV. Installed the unit on the wall, high up near the ceiling. . .And, I had to take the TV down THREE times before I had it located properly. The first two times, it was TOO CLOSE TO THE CEILING AND DID NOT ALLOW ME TO ACTUALLY INSTALL THE TV BECAUSE OF LACK OF CLEARANCE. After I had it finally located, the TV was perfect for watching; and, had sufficient clearance to connect up the various supplemental devices such as three DVD players; and, sound bar. . .PLUS, I was able to handle it by myself without requiring a 2nd person to assist me in making the proper measurements. [I have three other wall-mounted HDTV’s; and, each of those mounts came with a set of instructions]

  13. vinnyf


  14. eric aguiar

    Outstanding Value

  15. vinnyf

    Assembled easily, allowed the TV to be easily mounted and unmounted. Contained all the hardware necessary for just about any installation. Can’t speak to the quality of the instructions; they were pretty much unnecessary.

  16. kag

    Great Mount!!!

  17. Kindle CustomerIiiiii

    This mount really does a great job with a budget price. Was a bit skeptical with the cost and the fact it was two pieces that you had to screw together for the frame. Fortunately the product pictures were upfront and the other reviews spoke highly of the product so I gave it a shot. I have previously mounted another TV so I had experience with mounts. And this one was far easier than the more expensive one I purchased and mounted 5 years ago. Package is no larger than a keyboard box. All hardware is labeled and bagged separately. DONT go into this without looking at the instructions sheet at least once. There are some critical steps you need to make sure you follow to save you time and possible mishap. Overall, from unboxing to full install took me less than an hour, but like I said, I had previous experience. Good quality frame, well built, and ALL hardware included. I like the safety hook at the bottom you can release with a little ribbon on each mount hook. Nice feature that wasn’t included in the more expensive mount I previously mentioned.Overall this is a great product that I would recommend.

  18. Portia L. Jones

    Satisfied custom

  19. Amazon Customer

    Money well spent!!

  20. Amazon Customer

    Great price

  21. Paul

    as described

  22. Marty

    Works fine. Directions a little hard to understand.

  23. Mrssido


  24. God

    I’m very happy with my tv mount took lest than 30 minuets to get installed.

  25. Alex Perez

    Very Good For Price

  26. Kindle Customer

    Its durable and easy installation

  27. Amazon Customer

    Great mount

  28. Michael DeVos

    Great mount

  29. Phantoms69

    Perfect Mount!!

  30. Phantoms69

    This mount was easy to set up and very strong. I mounted a LG 70″ TV on it and it works perfectly. It’s close to the wall which makes it look good on the wall. I actually purchased 2 more. 1 more for a 55″ and 1 for a friends new 55″ LG. I would and will defentantly recommend this mount to everyone.

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