How To Recreate A Sports Bar at Home

Januar 31, 2021

This winter is about to get more interesting with the biggest entertainment event in the United States around the corner: The Super Bowl. More Americans watch the championship game of the National Football League on television than anything else.

Millions of Americans are planning to cheer for their favorite team from home; if you are one of them, you will need the right atmosphere. Recreating a sports bar at home will help you enjoy a unique experience regardless if you are in for the match, the halftime performance, or even the commercials.

Here some tips to get the best out of your home sports bar. 

  1. Upgrade your TV 

There are a few things more exciting than watching your favorite match on a high-quality TV. Consider investing in a 4K Ultra HD (UHD) HDR TV; UHD increases the number of pixels, and HDR makes them more accurate. With the newest technology in screening, it will guarantee the best picture quality.

  1. Get a TV wall mount

For a match as necessary as the Super Bowl, you would like to have the best viewing experience. Mounting your TV on the wall will provide not only the ultimate viewing experience but also maximum comfort. Do not forget to center your TV at an eye-level with our sitting position.

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  1. Balance screen glare

A great way to avoid screen glare is by choosing a TV wall mount with a tilting bracket. A tilting bracket allows you to change your TV’s angle and get it away from unwanted reflections.

  1. Stadium sound

Your TV’s inbuilt speakers are probably good enough to watch your TV shows or movies. However, if you want to feel like being in a “big game” experience, you might need to give your speakers a little help.

Adding a soundbar will give you near surround sounds without taking up too much space. Or you could consider installing a home cinema system with speakers around the room to hear sound from every angle. Both options promise to offer an excellent experience.

  1. Do not forget the snacks. 

One of the most characteristics aspects of the Super Bowl is its food. So after Thanksgiving, more food is eaten on Super Bowl Sunday than any other day of the year in the USA. There is no guarantee that your favorite football team is going to win. But you can surely enjoy some delicious snacks. To fuel on the game’s experience, remember to prepare some chicken wings, cheesy dips, and finger foods.

  1. Or the drinks 

To avoid missing out on a crucial moment of the match or being thirsty while the game is on. Consider setting up a mini-fridge in your lounge, making sure that cold drinks are always at hand.

  1. Keep it social

Sadly, the whole Covid-19 situation will not allow us this year to have big celebrations. The chances are that some of the people you were looking forward to watching the game with will not be able to make it to your place. However, thanks to technology, you can still have a good time with all of them. You could set up Zoom or Skype video calls to watch the game with your friends or family.

Enjoy the Super Bowl and let the best team win!

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