• USX MOUNT Universelle Soundbar Halterung
  • Sound Bar TV Halterung für Soundbar mit Lautsprecher
  • Passend für 2 Installationsoptionen
  • Abnehmbarer rutschfester Basishalter
  • Erweitert 3,46"-6,06"
(197 Kundenrezensionen)

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Nicht vorrätig


Einfache Installation

Auf Holzbolzen oder massivem Beton, nicht allein auf Trockenbau montieren!


Kompatibel mit mehreren VESA-Bereichen


Die zuverlässigste Halterung für Zuhause und Büro

Volle Distanz

Volle Distanz von der Wand


  • VESA: 150×100~600x250mm
  • Erweiterung: 3,46”-6,06”
  • Gewichtskapazität: 13 Pfund (6kg)

This Sound Bar bracket is suitable for most TV’s distance on Horizontal Max 600mm and Min 150mm. Fits the soundbar with holes or without holes and holds the sound bar 13lbs max. This Soundbar fits all kinds of TV mount or TV stand, such as
fixed, full motion, tilt and more.

Easy installation with detail instruction and all included hardware in pre-labeled bags. ▲Simple 3 steps: 1. Check the TV VESA hole pattern, attach brackets to wall plate. 2 . Attach the soundbar brackets to the TV brackets (tips
In this step, only lock one screw on each side.) 3 . Attach and lock base holders. (Remarks can help you distinguish which screw you should use).

This soundbar bracket adjustable base holder extends to 6.06” and retracts back to 3.46. Warm tips
please check the TV VESA first to make sure there is enough space from the bottom of the TV to the sound bar bracket base to accommodate your sound bar.

Sound bar TV wall mount uses safety bolts to lock the extendable. You can remove the holder through adjust safety bolts.

10-year friendly US-Based customer service to provide you support before or after purchase. Sound bar TV mount can be installed onto solid concrete wall directly.

Zusätzliche Information

TV Size



150x100mm, 150x150mm, 200x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x200mm, 400x200mm

Maximum Loading Weight (lbs)


197 Bewertungen für XAS002

  1. Allison Gray

    I installed it on an 85′ inch Sanyo TV. Very easy install. I did not take the TV off the wall to install but I do have an extending wall mount. I just loosened up the bottom screws on the TV mount. Perfect mount for any TV. Don’t hesitate to buy.

  2. Douglass W. McDonald

    I only needed the horizontal bar as it fastened to my tv stand.

  3. IfYouOnlyKnew

    I used this bracket to hold my sound bar above tv because the space under the TV is tight.

  4. TL

    The mount was easy to install, very sturdy & looks perfect!!

  5. Beverly Blum

    Mounted my Sonos soundbar with it.

  6. John Lipp

    Easy to install

  7. Carlos Soto

    If you have a mounted tv or plan to mount your tv and have a sound bar, GET THIS PRODUCT! I’ve bought (4) of these through my house! Easy to put together 15 min tops! Great product

  8. Achraf El badaai

    It’s easy to assemble also easy to install if you have the good tools
    Thank you

  9. Robert Countiss

    The mount was easy to assembly and install but it doesn’t hold the sound bar as securely as I had hoped.

  10. macario111

    Super happy with these mounts. Holds sound bar very secure.

  11. Christian Greif

    Very easy and simple instructions. All standard machine bolts supplied and worked for my application and others. Very sturdy. Only minor downside is with sound bars that have the cables run straight from the back will get in the way of the bar that holds the soundbar brackets. Very minor complaint but still highly recommend

  12. Pasquale

    I searched Amazon for a TV mount that fits a Sony TV. Of course I fell for the standard BS where Amazon shows you sound bar mounts that will fit a Sony tv. This USX sound bar bracket does not fit my Sony TV. The bracket arms that are supposed to bolt to the back side of the TV do not have the 12 inch bolt centers that mirror the TV and allow the sound bar mount to actually stay below the edge of the TV. The USX sound bar mount must be one of Amazons selected contractors that they send to the top of your search. Extremely disappointed in myself for searching and believing that the usx mount would fit my tv. I give this mount a zero for the fact it needs to be jury rigged to fit on my TV with a Sanus Tv mount.

  13. Jesus

    Fits perfect attatched to my tv.

  14. Susan

    This arrived timely and was of good quality. This mounted right on my television and held the soundbar with no issue.

  15. Stephen

    Was easy to install. Instructions were clear. I’m happy!

  16. Rich g

    Good product,easy to assemble

  17. Amazon Customer

    Good quality

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