• USX MOUNT Universelle Soundbar Halterung
  • Sound Bar TV Halterung für Soundbar mit Lautsprecher
  • Passend für 2 Installationsoptionen
  • Abnehmbarer rutschfester Basishalter
  • Erweitert 3,46"-6,06"
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Einfache Installation

Auf Holzbolzen oder massivem Beton, nicht allein auf Trockenbau montieren!


Kompatibel mit mehreren VESA-Bereichen


Die zuverlässigste Halterung für Zuhause und Büro

Volle Distanz

Volle Distanz von der Wand


  • VESA: 150×100~600x250mm
  • Erweiterung: 3,46”-6,06”
  • Gewichtskapazität: 13 Pfund (6kg)

This Sound Bar bracket is suitable for most TV’s distance on Horizontal Max 600mm and Min 150mm. Fits the soundbar with holes or without holes and holds the sound bar 13lbs max. This Soundbar fits all kinds of TV mount or TV stand, such as
fixed, full motion, tilt and more.

Easy installation with detail instruction and all included hardware in pre-labeled bags. ▲Simple 3 steps: 1. Check the TV VESA hole pattern, attach brackets to wall plate. 2 . Attach the soundbar brackets to the TV brackets (tips
In this step, only lock one screw on each side.) 3 . Attach and lock base holders. (Remarks can help you distinguish which screw you should use).

This soundbar bracket adjustable base holder extends to 6.06” and retracts back to 3.46. Warm tips
please check the TV VESA first to make sure there is enough space from the bottom of the TV to the sound bar bracket base to accommodate your sound bar.

Sound bar TV wall mount uses safety bolts to lock the extendable. You can remove the holder through adjust safety bolts.

10-year friendly US-Based customer service to provide you support before or after purchase. Sound bar TV mount can be installed onto solid concrete wall directly.

TV Size



150x100mm, 150x150mm, 200x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x200mm, 400x200mm

Maximum Loading Weight (lbs)


280 Bewertungen für XAS002

  1. Paul B.

    I originally tried to use a different brand to mount my LG soundbar to my LG Tv but it was a bit flimsy. I purchased the mount and you can feel the difference.
    Easier to install and the speaker feels like it’s well supported.

  2. Edgar Luna

    Love it

  3. Amazon Customer

    Good: Works as advertised for small TV  and soundbar. In the picture is a 42 inch TV and Bose TV Speaker 23.5” long.
    Could be better: The screws for attaching the brackets to soundbars hard to work through the slots.

  4. Sue Prime

    You need a strong and well made apparatus to mount a tv on the wall. This is it.

  5. Heavy Duty

    Wall Mount,

    This particular soundbar mount from USX Mount (XAS002) paired with the USX Mount (XML008-1K-01) is a perfect pairing for a tight, square, plum, and ridgid mount for the two components listed in the title. And likely many other Samsung soundbars, such as the 60C, 990C and so on. I just picked the 910C as its the only Samsung Soundbar that’s “packaged” with a Bluetooth surround speaker option that utilizes wired (audio wiring) surround sound speakers. We needed this particular style amp, as long ago I mounted our speakers in the ceiling behind each end of the couch and ran the wires though the attic and down through the wall. We are not a fans of free standing speakers.
    Plus, you need to run power to each speaker anyway, so you might as well go all in.
    You will see this amp mounted to the wall using two small bent shelf brackets using drywall inserts.

    For Soundbar to be tight to the underside of the TV,

    Two things, When facing the TV and imagining the TV and soundbar already installed you will end up cutting one segment  (small hole end of the bracket) off of both sound bar mounts that run vertical behind the TV. This will allow the vertical soundbar mounts to go up far enough that the soundbar nearly touches the bottom of the TV.
    You can still access the TV switches. If you dont care if the bar is lower, then just leave them as is. It just seems to look better.

    When attaching the Samsung wall mounts to the soundbar, use two of the 8MM screws supplied with the vesa mount along with two standard washers and two fender washers and push the Samsung mount up as far as possible. The only thing you will utilize from the Samsung mounting brackets is the brackets themselves, you will not use the plastic grooved hanger washers.
    You will need two 8MM flange nuts, or standard nuts if you can find them, to use on the 8MM vesa screws.

    Make sure you use the appropriate supplied shim washers to avoid putting stress on the TV housing when tightening the TV, TV mount, and soundbar mounting rails together. These are included with the vesa mount. Also, make sure the soundbar mounting rails are between the TV and the TV vesa mount as shown in the pictures.

    For those of you wondering what the extra box is in the picture, This is a MOCA system that converts RG-6 coax cable to ethernet. Probably the best way to distribute internet through existing lines when not using a standard router. We only use a MiFi 8800 puck from Verizon with one mesh unit and distribute the signal to multiple houses. No more Spectrum, Cox, ATT. No more raising the price after a month or so. Unlimited 4K steaming for two homes for a steady $65.00/month.

    This is by far the most sturdy assembly I’ve found so far. They pair well together for full motion of both the TV and soundbar together.

    I will be purchasing this setup again in the future.

    I hope the pictures help you in your installation,

    Good luck

  6. Tom Donahue

    This product was recommended to my by a Costco employee when I purchased a soundbar.  Was installing an outdoor TV and had not considered having a soundbar mount that attaches to the back of the TV with the flatscreen mounting bracket.  It was exactly as described, high quality and had easy installation instructions.  Will use this moving forward for all future flat screen installs.  Thanks!

  7. Loren

    Very good bracket for attaching a soundbar to an articulating tv mount. The soundbar must be at least 27” long or the rear bracket will show.

  8. R. Ressler

    This sound bar mount wouldn’t fit on the mount for my 85″ Samsung it wasn’t long enough. I ended up mounting it the wall directly. I made it work. The mount itself is of good quality and easy to use. I have another one mounted to my 65″ Vizio and it fit perfectly. It holds the sound bar securely and it very easily adjustable. Happy with this product.

  9. Red potata_1914

    This mount really hits the spot. I’ve had a few other soundbar mounts from Amazon and they didn’t look right and didn’t fit correctly. I decided on this one just for the heck…BIG SCORE!!!  Installed in less than 30min, hung TV and soundbar mount on the wall and I couldn’t be anymore happy!

  10. jennifer hermita

    Versatile and easy to mount

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