• USX MOUNT Ultra-Slim Full Motion TV Wall Mount
  • For 37-90 inch Flat Screen/LED/4K TV
  • VESA Up to 600x400mm
  • Weight Capacity Up to 120lbs
  • Fits 8/16/ 24 Studs
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On wood studs or solid concrete, do not mount on drywall alone!

Compatible with multiple VESA range

The most reliable mount for home & office

Full distance from the wall


  • Fits for 37-90 inch Flat Screen/LED/4K TV
  • VESA : 200×100 / 200×200 / 200×300 / 200×400 / 300×200 / 300×300 / 300×400 / 400×200 / 400×300 / 400×400 / 500×300 / 600x400mm
  • Tilt: +5°/-20°
  • Swivel: ±45°°
  • Distance to the wall: 1.49″-11.96″
  • Weight Capacity: 120 lbs

Wide Compatibility

USX-MOUNT high quality steel wall mount is suitable for most 37″ – 90″ flat or curved TVs with VESA patterns ranging from 200 x 100mm to 600 x 400mm. It is compatible with wood studs, concrete and brick walls up to 24 inches. Suitable for oversized TVs.

Adjustable viewing comfort & Glare reduction

Our TV wall mount with double articulating arms includes +5°/-20° tilt, ±45° swivel (maximum swivel angle depends on your TV), and mounting adjustments allowing perfect TV leveling. All of these features will make your TV flexible, say goodbye to annoying glare, and allow for better viewing depending on your seating in the room.

Easy Installation

Easy to install with detailed instructions and all included hardware in a pre-labeled bag (notes can help you distinguish which screws you will use). Warm Tips: In order to avoid customers misusing concrete anchor bolts directly on dowels or drywall and causing some safety problems, we remove concrete anchor bolts from our package. If you need 10X50mm concrete, please contact us.

Space Saving

This full-motion TV wall mount can pull out 11.96 inches and retract 1.49 inches, with a maximum weight of 120 pounds, saving you valuable space and making your house look neater.

TV Size

37inch, 38inch, 39inch, 40inch, 41inch, 42inch, 43inch, 44inch, 45inch, 46inch, 47inch, 48inch, 49inch, 50inch, 51inch, 52inch, 53inch, 54inch, 55inch, 56inch, 57inch, 58inch, 59inch, 60inch, 61inch, 62inch, 63inch, 64inch, 65inch, 66inch, 67inch, 68inch, 69inch, 70inch, 71inch, 72inch, 73inch, 74inch, 75inch, 76inch, 77inch, 78inch, 79inch, 80inch, 81inch, 82inch, 83inch, 84inch, 85inch, 86inch, 87inch, 88inch, 89inch, 90inch


200x100mm, 200x200mm, 200x300mm, 200x400mm, 300x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x200mm, 400x300mm, 400x400mm, 600x400mm

21 reviews for XML601-24K

  1. Amazon Customer

    Really like the sturdiness of the mount.

  2. Father in Aviation

    it does it’s job, it holds a TV to the wall. the mount holes allow for spacing the attaching hardware well enough. the kit came with said attaching hardware and it hasnt budged. the built in level wasn’t very useful as the arms seem to be off balance, the right side dips more than the left when extended out.

  3. bsmith

    I wanted a thinner low profile mount that’s adjustable and this works perfectly….would buy again for another room

  4. Abby

    This is a good, durable wall mount. It is pretty sturdy, definitely a little heavier than I was expecting. It is way to install though, it comes with everything you need set it up. The TV look great up on the wall as well.

  5. Blessed

    This mount was fairly easy to install, just follow directions & used some common sense. It took about an hour to get mount installed and TV hung up. Didn’t run into any major issues. Mount is pretty solid, made with all metal, put together well and is fairly heavy. Most important part is to mount on a wall that is sturdy enough to hold the heavy mount. Once TV was up, mount does everything it claims to do, swivels, turns, abducts freely & easily. Ultra thin mount is ultra thin, and holds TV close to wall so that it’s not sticking out too far. Overall this is a decent, quality mount. It claims that it can support up to 90″ TV, although I cannot speak on that, it does hold 55″ well, not sure that I would try to put something that much larger. Price point at the time I received mount was a bit high, however it has since been reduced and is fairly priced for heavy duty metal mount. I would recommend.

  6. Mr. & Mrs. Nelson

    We were really excited to find this Ultra-Slim wall mount!  We purchased a second home in the mountains recently and have been a little limited on space.  This mount is the perfect size for our 75″ Big Screen and it’s truly appreciated that the “ultra-slim” claim came true.  We affixed to the wall as directed and it’s up to the job with no worries.  The articulated adjustments and optional angles that it can support our larger monitor with are not exaggerated to any degree.  This set up works as claimed and holds the unit up (and our expectations) to the degree that was expected and exceeded is quality.  Easy to install and appreciated in quality.  The materials are solid and heavy duty supported as advertised.  We will hopefully always be able to depend on it and can (at least at the moment) highly recommend this for your Big Screen needs.  We will update the review as necessary over time.  But, Overall, we are very satisfied with this product and will continue to promote it.

  7. Rob Roberts

    I don’t think I’ve ever had such a solid TV mount. This is so amazing, incredibly easy to install. The TV moves so easily and stays in position because of how well this was made. Everything is perfect. I’m actually getting 3 more of these for our other screens. Definitely recommended

  8. Jeff G.

    This wall mount is the same as most of the name brands. Solid, sturdy, but something is usually missing as with the others. I’m not saying it was missing any of the parts listed but depending on your TV you might need to run to the hardware store to get some different screws. IF YOU HAVE AN LG OLED you will need M6 20-25mm, the box had M6 4mm. These are the screws that mount the bracket to the TV. Also, make sure the swivel adjustment is tightened before you install the tv. I didn’t and had to rush around to find the fallen wrench to tighten and the brackets that lock the lower part of the TV to the mount. It was just swinging. Man, these TVs feel flimsy. Past that, as you can see, it is on the wall and looks great. Love the swivel and tilt too.

  9. bloads2001

    This wall mount is solid metal, and really strong (only plastic pieces are the left and right spacers for the frame behind the TV, but they are not load bearing).  With four lag bolts directly into wall studs, it barely noticed the 42″ TV that I mounted…it could handle much more without issue (description states up to 90″).  Fully articulating arms are why I chose this mount so that it can be repositioned to face anywhere in the room.  Directions are clear, and the installation is well thought out…1)attach brackets to back of TV, 2)mount base into wall studs, 3)construct the frame onto the mount base, and 4)hang and secure the TV onto the frame (the TV hangs in place to leave your hands free to secure it).  Many different sized spacers and extra bolts are included to support a variety of TVs with curved enclosures.  Also included are two extenders for the mount base, to allow for TV placement that is not perfectly between two wall studs (I did not use those, so they are not shown in the photos).  Overall, very happy with the outcome of this project thanks to this sturdy mount!

  10. Dubie

    I bought this to hang a 42″ tv in my bedroom. I wasn’t planning on using the full motion aspect but sometimes having the tilt or angle is a nice feature. This was quite a sturdy mount with a good amount of pieces, it took two of us about an hour to install. I would recommend it.

  11. Khalil

    I normally get my mounts from Walmart, but came across this and figured I’d try it out. I wanted something that sits flatter against the wall and this definitely does that, but I now have the option to pivot the tv wherever I need it to. Although I won’t be using that feature, it’s nice to have it.

    It comes with all the hardware you need, but if you want to be on the safer side, I’d purchase some EZ Anchors from Home Depot just because of the weight of the mount.

  12. JJH

    This USX Mount Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount accommodates televisions ranging in size, between 37” and 90”, with a 120 lb. weight capacity. The heavy duty steel mount feels solid and sturdy, definitely adequate to securely handle the listed weight capacity.

    It appears to be very well made and of excellent quality. It’s fairly easy to assemble, instructions and necessary hardware are included. It can be mounted to wood studs with 8, 16, or 24 inch spacing, as well as to concrete or brick walls. It’s quite easy to level and wall mount, with a template for hole drilling, and a small level, both thoughtfully included.

    I mounted it in my living room, to a 65” TV, and it allows for a high degree of adjustment. The mount arms are double articulating, they can be tilted -5/+20 degrees, swiveled -45/+45 degrees, or extended out approximately 12”. At just under $130, it’s a good value, certainly an option worth considering. I’m very satisfied with the quality of this USX TV mount. Highly recommended!

  13. Hellskitchencollectable

    Wanted something with flexibility for TV sizes versus what I saw in the stores.

    This definitely gave me a lot of options for my next TV purchase. The main thing I was looking for was one with hinges so I can always get to the back of the TV in case I always needed to add or remove any devices or have access to the inputs. The ones I’ve seen in the stores can get a little flimsy once you extend the TV all the way out towards you but you won’t have that problem with this! I’m literally impressed how it extends really well from side to side depending on which side of the TV your HDMI connections are located at.

    I used this for my bedroom because it’s sturdy enough to what I needed this to be but it has a slim design at the same time, so it doesn’t look out of place in a bedroom or small office setting in my opinion.

  14. Sierra

    Super heavy TV mount. A little confusing with instructions. But once you figure it out, it’s a great mount. Great quality. My TV looks really good on the wall. I love that you can tilt it and move it side to side. I really recommend this if you’re looking for a TV mount for your wall.

  15. Alyssa S.

    Easy install and feels heavy duty, I imagine this will last a very long time and I love that it is adjustable. Perfect addition to tie our living room together and holds our 60″ TV up with no issues

  16. Erin Gordon

    I finally upgraded my television to an 80-inch but have had it on a TV console because I couldn’t find a strong enough wall mount that I trusted with the investment.  I am beyond pleased with the USX MOUNT TV mount.  First off, it came neatly packaged with very detailed instructions that were easy to follow and carry through.  Installation was quick and easy enough for one person to accomplish.  It’s a very well-crafted, high-quality mount that is capable of holding up my heavy TV.

    I love the adjustability because you can swivel, extend and turn your TV so that you can watch conveniently from any seat in the room.  The flexibility is much better than having a TV in one stationary position.  I would definitely recommend this wall mount if you want to heighten the way you watch TV at home!

  17. jose h ruiz

    It is a easy wall mount to install I love that it has the holes all in the right spots for 12 inch studs 16 inch studs even 24 inch studs great for all type of wood stud installation. It’s very durable strong easy to install easy to mount the tv.

  18. Shelby

    love that this can hold all size tv’s. easy to install, and easy to adjust size.

  19. Michael R.

    I put this in my rv for a 50” tv it worked great it seems to be well made and can hold a 37” up to 90” I’m happy with it I would recommend

  20. Adriana

    this is absolutely perfect, works amazing and comes with all of the hardware you need to make it work

  21. Cards Fan

    This wall mount is designed to accommodate TVs ranging from 37 to 90 inches, making it suitable for a wide range of screen sizes. It feels sturdy and well-constructed, assuring me that my TV is in safe hands. This wall mount is made with quality durable steel and is capable of supporting TVs weighing up to 132 pounds. Installing was pretty easy it comes with instructions an it allows me to tilt, swivel, and extend my TV for optimal viewing angles. Overall, I am satisfied with the USX MOUNT Upgrade Ultra Slim TV Wall Mount. It delivers on its promises, offering sturdy construction, easy installation, and excellent adjustability. If you’re looking for a reliable wall mount for your large flat screen TV, this is definitely a product worth considering.

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