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Generally, check these details about your TV and home — ensure the TV VESA pattern is within the minimum and maximum VESA patterns of the mount; ensure the TV is under the mount’s weight capacity; ensure you have either solid concrete / brick walls or wood studs up to 16 inches apart (24 inches apart for XML006-24K). Decide what style of mount works best for you — articulating, tilting, or a simple fixed mount.

We would recommend using our model XML006-24K. This is a full motion mount that fits most TVs from 42-80″ and can reach wood studs up to 24 inches apart. All other double stud mounts are for wood studs up to 16″ apart. We do provide a separate wall plate bar that can be used for these mounts; this bar will reach wood studs up to 24″ apart.

A fixed mount is great for a customer’s basic needs. If you plan to keep your TV in one position, a fixed mount is perfect for you. They will sit flush against your wall and are easy to install.

A tilt mount is useful if you are installing in an area above eye level, such as above a fireplace. You will be able to tilt your TV downward to avoid straining your neck to see the screen. Tilt options also help with glare from windows or lamps.

A full motion mount is ideal for versatile use. You’ll be able to extend, swivel and tilt your TV for different viewing positions in different areas of your room. Being able to to extend your TV forward also helps with cable management and accessing the back of your TV.

VESA is an acronym for Video Electronics Standards Association. This refers to the four mounting holes on the back of your TV. The measurements are usually in millimeters. To figure out your TV VESA pattern, measure your mounting holes form left to right and top to bottom. You can also find your VESA pattern online using your TV model number.

Our mounts can be safely installed into solid concrete/brick and wood studs. If you are installing into solid concrete/brick, please use the provided concrete anchors. These anchors are for solid concrete/brick ONLY. Our mount can NOT be installed into drywall, metal studs, or concrete block; we also do not recommend installing our mount into these types of walls using anchors, toggle bolts, etc.

You can visit for installation services. Click on “TV hanging” services. Type in your zip code, how many televisions you have and your email address. They will send you a quote for installers in your area.

Concrete anchors can be used for solid concrete or brick walls. Do not use anchors for any other type of wall. Please call 800-460-0956 to request the concrete anchors and they will be shipped out to you free of charge.

Some tools that are needed to install your mount are not included. The tools you will need are — electric drill, screwdriver, tape measure, pencil, 1/2 in socket wrench. For wood stud assembly, you will also need a stud finder and 7/32″ wood drill bit. For concrete wall assembly, you will need a 3/8″ masonry drill bit and a hammer.

It is okay if your TV is a few inches larger than the maximum size range. You must ensure that your TV VESA pattern is compatible and that your TV is under the weight capacity. Going aboe the recommended weight capacity will void yor warranty and is not safe.

Once the bracket is installed, you will not be able to adjust the vertical position of the bracket on the wall. The TV bracket itself includes +/-3° post-installation adjustment that allows for perfect TV leveling, and +5° /-15° tilt.

Either full motion or tilt mounts work great at reducing glare.

Typically our mounts are sold through Amazon and Home Depot websites. We may be able to assist if you are placing a bulk order of 20 or more mounts. Orders can be returned through the same method they were purchased — either through Amazon or Home Depot.

The four extended arms are not always needed. For models such as XMM006 where four extended arms are provided, these are intended for use with wider TV VESA patterns such as 300mm – 400mm. For smaller VESA patterns such as 75mm – 200mm, the extended arms are not required.

For models such as XMM006, ensure that you have all parts in the right direction. The plate should have the logo facing away from the back of the TV and the extended arms should have the notches facing away from the back of the TV. Insert the connecting screws through the plate first and then through the arms, tightening them using the provided Allen key. This will ensure a tight, proper fit!

We provide many different sizes and lengths of TV screws to fit in the VESA holes in the back of your TV. Every TV requires its own specific size TV screw. If you are not sure what size your TV requires, you may prefit the screws in TV holes to find the correct size. You will only need four screws total; the unused screws will be extra parts.

Yes, in rare cases you may need a more specific size screw to fit your TV holes. We offer a lot of different sizes to choose from, as well as spacers to use in the event that the screw is a little bit too long. We will gladly send out a specific size upon request. Also, feel free to purchase your own at a local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. Ensure you use the same type of screw.

Spacers are not always needed. Use a spacer if the VESA holes in the back of your TV are recessed. Spacers can also be used if the TV screw is a little too long; use the spacer to fill in the gap. Also use a spacer if you want to create distance between the brackets and the back of the TV; this is useful if the back of your TV is not completely flush or if you want some space to run your cables through / access your inputs and outputs. The spacer does not fit inside the TV holes, but right up against it. Use the correct spacer size sith your screw, i.e. M6 spacers with M6 screws.

Ensure that all tilting screws / handles are tightened securely. Ensure that your television does not exceed the weight capacity of the mount. A final solution would be to insert an M6x12 screw into both tilting slots and securing them with M6 washers and M6 hex nuts to prevent the TV from tilting down. We will gladly provide this hardware for you.

Yes, for large mounts you can shift your TV left and right on your wall mount’s extension arms. The extension arms span 24 inches wide. Depending on the width of your TV’s VESA pattern, you can shift left and right as needed. For example, if the holes on the back of your TV are 16 inches apart left to right, to can shift your TV up to 8 inches in either direction. Ensure the weight of your TV does not exceed the weight capacity of your mount.

After Purchase or During Installation

Find answers to frequently asked questions.
If you did not find the answer to your question please contact customer service.