USX MOUNT Full Motion TV Wall Mount

  • for Most 47-84 inch Flat Screen/LED/4K TVs
  • TV Mount Bracket Dual Swivel Articulating Tilt 6 Arms
  • Max VESA 600x400mm
  • Holds up to 132lbs
  • Arms Up to 16″ Wood Stud
(1299 customer reviews)


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Easy Installation

On wood studs or solid concrete, do not mount on drywall alone!


Compatible with multiple VESA range

True Full Motion

Bring freedom to your TV with USX-MOUNT

Full Distance

Full distance from the wall


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xml008 k A2
xml008 k A4
xml008 k A5


  •  Fits for 47″-84″ Flat Panel TV
  •  VESA : 200×100 / 200×200 / 300×200 / 400×200 / 400×400 / 600x400mm
  • Tilt: +5°/-15°
  • Leveling adjustment: ±3°
  • Swivel: ±45°
  • Distance to the wall: 61-419mm (2.40-16.49″)
  • Weight Capacity: 132 lbs (60KG)


This full motion TV mount fits for most of 47-84inch TVs with VESA size 200*100mm to 600*400mm available.

This TV bracket with dual articulating arms includes +5° /-15° tilt, ±45°swivel( maximum swivel angle depends on your TV), +/-3° post-installation adjustment allows the perfect TV leveling. All these will make your TV flexible and better viewed based on your seat in the room.

Easy installation with detailed instruction and all included hardware in pre-labeled bags(Remarks can help you distinguish which screw you should use). If you need concrete anchors, please contact us to get it for free which will be sent from USA.

This full motion TV wall bracket can pull out to 16.49 and retract back to 2.40”, which saves some valuable space for you and make your house looks neat and Max weight 132lbs.

Comes with 6ft HDMI, 3-Axis magnetic bubble level, 3 pieces pack of cable ties and all standard mounting hardware, 10-year warranty and friendly US-based customer service.


Additional information


200x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x200mm, 400x200mm, 400x400mm, 600x400mm

Maximum Loading Weight (lbs)


1299 reviews for XML008-K

  1. L. Hernandez

    Holds our 65in TV with ease. Sturdy, does not feel cheap. Easy to install. Easy to understand instructions. Husband and I installed in less than an hour. My only complaint is that it is REALLY hard to extend and retract the arms on this thing! This TV is massive and it took both of us to get the mount arms to go flush to the wall. It will go straight and flush it just takes an enormous amount of even force. One of my biggest pet peeves is when the TV is at a angle that faces down, it makes me feel like it’s going to fall off of the wall. I like 90 degree angles. I would not recommend purchase of this mount if you have weak arms/upperbody otherwise it would be a nightmare to get it flush to the wall or pull it away from the wall. Its up and we will not be touching it so it kind of defeats the purpose of having the extension and articulating features.

  2. JR

    After buying this product I really feel like Best Buy overcharges same with Walmart and target. This is a solid item for the price and very well-made and easy to install. I Purchased one for 145 that didn’t even move or rotate or pull out or move side to side. This does at all. I have a 75 inch TV and I was scared It wouldn’t hold on the wall, but no problem. It’s not going anywhere.

  3. brkr12002

    Great wall mount at a great price. Just triple check to make sure you will hit your studs before drilling. Also check the that the tilt adjustment is firmly tightened before you hang the TV on it. Has plenty of hardware of extra hardware to be able to mount different size Vesa Mount patterns. Holding my 65″ Vizio M series on the wall in my living room and it makes the room feel so much more open with the extra space I have picked up.

  4. Rabb Four

    Pretty impress , holds a 65′ with no issues, easy to move to the front and to the sides

  5. DIY DAD

    They work great I used it in garage ordered another for my bedroom

  6. King Ranch 04

    Perfect mount for my 75 inch tv easy to put up with someone’s help to get everything lined up right and when putting in screws to studs to keep it straight looks really well made and sturdy

  7. Josh803316

    I really like the solid sturdiness of this product! It feels like it will stand up to the test of time and is designed for the long haul. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that it’s quite difficult to pull in and out and adjust the angles. I’m sure that this tension can be changed somehow, but I wasn’t sure how to immediately do that. Overall it seems like a great product and is very reasonably priced given the flexibility of the arm and fact it doesn’t take up to much space behind the tv when pushed all the way in.

  8. Kats01

    Very sturdy and stable for my 70′ tv! I felt weary about just having it on a stand with kids running around, and this mount was perfect.

  9. Sheryl Boyd

    It was very easy to assemble in less than 1 hour.

  10. H. M. Cuellar

    I was looking for a wall mount that can be used on 12″ studs, and that will come as close as possible to the wall. This mount works great. I was able to install it in about 30 minutes. It feels pretty sturdy and well built, and it is almost flush against the wall. Once installed, it is easy to adjust. I have a 54″ Panasonic Plasma TV (quite heavy at 83 pounds), and the mount is handling it just fine.

  11. Jake

    I was a little worried about the quality since it was significantly cheaper than many of the other options. I was definitely impressed is very sturdy and well made the metal fabrication is definitely acceptable quality and it was pretty easy to install on my fireplace. The holes did not line up exactly with the mortar and the surface of the bricks is not flat so I had to get a little creative. I used a few of the spacers provided for the tv screws to ensure that it was solid and level. I also drilled out a new hole so I was not drilling into the brick and it worked out perfectly. I mounted my 55″ tv on it and it feels very solid even when I am pushing and pulling on it to adjust the tv. It offers a great range of motion so I can even watch the tv while in the kitchen as well.

  12. Monica M.

    I installed this today to wall mount a 65″ television. I have installed at least 6 different wall mounts for televisions and this is the best I’ve purchased and installed. Sturdy, easy to install, moves smoothly, all parts were present and matched up as they should. If this is your first time installing one of these, I believe the instructions could be a little more detailed, but they were still adequate. Great product.

  13. Esquire

    I installed this with a 65″ TV and it took about 30 minutes for the whole thing.You HAVE to put the anchor screws into a wall stud. Period. If you think you can install it using drywall anchors, then you’re crazy. Follow the instructions carefully. Make sure it’s level too, but the beauty of this mount is that it also rotates so you can install the bracket unevenly and then level the TV separately.Very well done overall.

  14. Natte

    This mount is everything you would expect from a TV mount. It holds my 65 inch TV with no problem. I feel it is very sturdy. The important part is that I didn’t measure the drill holes very well and the mount was tilted horizontally a little bit. But this mount actually has a bit of flexibility to adjust the TV tilt horizontally. You will just need to slide the TV a little bit, the middle part will be higher than the sides. That feature totally saved me! Great design.

  15. OliviaB

    ABSOLUTELY a great buy for a large television!!! My tv is a 55in and the mount is perfect. It swivels side to side and can be pulled away from the wall or pushed flat against the wall the tech (from Amazon) said it can’t swivel up an down i would have to tilt it permanently or leave it straight….i left it straight.. With the price of the mount and the tech my total was $140.00, smaller the tv the cheaper the install price.

  16. Mark

    I ended up buying 3 of these they are best built I have seen and worked great for my 60 inch 75 and 86 inch tv. Easy install and look great..

  17. M. Wierzba

    Removed old smaller TV and bracket from wall. That one had no adjustment and was hard to plug things into the TV. Installed this new mount went up flawlessly has plenty of holes to line up between your 16″ studs. Pulls away from wall tilts and can move from side to side so you can now see the TV from the kitchen or the family room. Price was competitive the mount is quite solid. The directions could be a little bit clearer and like some other mounts out there a built in bubble level would be nice although was no issue as I used my own level and had a second pair of hands.

  18. ungrecco

    Using this for an older plasma style tv which weighs a lot more than today’s skinny, light LCD tv’s. It installed very easily and allows for multiple angles of adjustment. It feels very solid when maneuvering the tv in different angles, even extreme end of range of movement. As long as you mount this properly, you shouldn’t have any issue with having a heavy tv mounted on the wall with great range of visibility. Would buy again.

  19. jtcindahaus

    This is the best mount I have ever owned. I have had ones that dropped from the ceiling. on the wall and have paid over $100 before on some. This one blows them all out of the water.Moves in every direction and will hold any TV. I even had my wife hang on it before putting on the TV.Good instructions, Easiest one I have ever installed, took less than an hour. No problem lining it up to be centered/leveled. Even had some guidance on the instructions. Tons of extra screws for all types of TVs.Save your money, go this route and you wont be disappointed.

  20. Hex

    Wonderful product for the value. It’s versatility is seamless and it’s very smooth to move the tv in all the directions it allows for. Very solid as well.Instructions were a tiny bit overwhelming but once you laid out all the parts, it was fairly easy. Took two people to install.Love this mount. Highly recommended this.Also want to say, follow up from customer service was a really great gesture. I was not expecting an email from the company to check on how things went. Wonderful service.

  21. John D.

    Used this product to install a 55″ TV on the wall in our bedroom. Anyone with the most rudimentary DIY skills can easily install this mount. Just follow the instructions and you will be done in half an hour. Great product, great price and quick delivery.This is the fourth mount that I have purchased from this company, which speaks for itself.

  22. Shaw

    Even at regular price, this mount is of excellent value. I just ordered the third one. Make sure to use a stud finder first to identify correct placement and spacing on your wall. The part that connects to the wall is rather short in comparison to some similar wall mounts I used in the past. They were also much longer and heavier and more expensive, but in no way all that much better given the relative light weight of these flat screen TVs nowadays. I my house the studs are lining up just fine with the outer holes on the wall plate. The rest of the mechanics is very sturdy and well thought out.

  23. Aenlighten

    this is a good choice. Installing on masonry, that wasn’t a problem, though the bottom slots won’t line up with mortar. It would be much easier with a flat backed tv, but worked out using the spacers. That said, between the mount, spacers, and tv thickness, it does project a ways, though not a problem above a hearth. It is nearly effortless to move and position the tv as needed, it is so smooth, and it frees up a corner of the room, so it was a great investment.

  24. Ohioan in Texas

    Bought this mount for my 65in UHD Samsung. I needed a mount that could hang the tv about 6 inches to the left of where it was being mounted. It’s very solid and a great purchase. I have zero issues.

  25. Amazon Customer

    Works as it should

  26. Lakisha Bastian

    I have a 60″ Samsung SmartTV. Perfect fit. Easy to attach TV & mount to the wall!

  27. B. Gore

    I was nervous to mount my TV over the fireplace after doing some research and getting some rather large estimates from services like the Geek Squad. It turned out to be a piece of cake with this handy mount and the enclosed instructions. Very happy with the purchase and the price.

  28. Dee Dee

    Solid. Clean look, does the job for 65 inch tv.

  29. gaddiel

    Awesome tv mount. I currently have a 40 in. Samsung in the bedroom and skeptical about buying but this stand fits perfect. I like how it swivels as my bedroom also serves as my office so I can watch tv in any area of the room. Installation was really easy just about a half an hour no rush. The unit swivels really smooth also I have bought different ones in the past and you can tell this one was built better.

  30. Andys Vivas De Russo


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