• USX MOUNT Full Motion Swivel and Tilt Wall Mount TV Bracket
  • For 26-55″ LED, OLED and 4K TVs
  • VESA Up to 400x400mm
  • Weight Capacity Up to 77 lbs
(244 customer reviews)

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Easy Installation

On wood studs or solid concrete, do not mount on drywall alone!


Compatible with multiple VESA range

True Full Motion

Bring freedom to your TV with USX-MOUNT

Full Distance

Full distance from the wall


  • Fit for 26”-55” Flat Panel TV
  • VESA:
    75×75 / 100×100 / 100×200 / 150×150 / 200×100 / 200×200 / 200×300 / 200×400 / 300×200 / 300×300 / 400×200 / 400×300 / 400x400mm
  • Tilt angle: 5°/-15°
  • Leveling Adjustment: ±4°
  • Swivel: ±90°
  • Distance to the wall: 68-424mm (2.7”-16.7”)
  • Weight Capacity: 77lbs (35kg)

XMM016 TV wall mount is constructed from high quality steel materials and fits for most of 26-60 inch TVs with VESA size 75*75mm to 400*400mm and Capacity up to 77lbs.

Full motion tv mount includes +5° /-15° tilt to reduce glare, ±90°swivel, level adjusts ±4° for maximum viewing flexibility. All these will make your find the most comfortable and healthiest viewing position. (note
max. swivel angle depends on screen size)

TV mounts can pull out to 16.7″or retract back to 2.7″ from the wall. Manage TV cables orderly through the velcros,which save valuable space for you and make your house look neat.

Wall mount tv bracket with detailed instruction, all included hardware in pre-labeled bags to make the tv barckets mounting easier and quicker. Warm tips
If you need 10X50mm concrete anchors, please let us know to get it which are sent from USA.

US-based Customer Service
Our TV bracket came with all required hardware. We provide professional 10-year customer service. Not sure this mount will work with your TV? Please let us know the Complete TV models. Our engineers will simulate the installation for you.

TV Size

26inch, 27inch, 28inch, 29inch, 30inch, 31inch, 32inch, 33inch, 34inch, 35inch, 36inch, 37inch, 38inch, 39inch, 40inch, 41inch, 42inch, 43inch, 44inch, 45inch, 46inch, 47inch, 48inch, 49inch, 50inch, 51inch, 52inch, 53inch, 54inch, 55inch


75x75mm, 100x100mm, 100x200mm, 150x150mm, 200x100mm, 200x200mm, 200x300mm, 200x400mm, 300x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x200mm, 400x300mm, 400x400mm

Maximum Loading Weight (lbs)


244 reviews for XMM016-1

  1. Dane Wilson

    If you a DYIeryou should not have an issue. Instructions were not clear. I read most of the negative reviews and would surmise that most lacked understanding on how to put it together or just go a bad taste in their mouth on putting it together.

    I found it on par with most expensive models. Good strength ( although I was hanging a 50 in TV). It had great easy of movement. So the product was as good as expected.  I think most will not have a problem with it.

    Only slight area of concern but it might be built in the design. The hook and the plate slide a little . I think it is there in case you did not properly or due to wall not being square it was level and you cold adjust it to be level. There is about a 1/2 in adjust.

    On the heaviest or largest I would be thoughtful of the weight on the bracket it is rated for 77#.

    I liked the vertical mount to one stud very use for a 70#TV.

  2. Adrianne

    Duarable, my tv is still hanging!

  3. M1K3 FR0M D3TR01T

    I have to say–this lives up to the description and surpasses in every way.

    The instructions are written in easy to understand, grammatically proper English. They unfold and read left to right (instead of top/down like most instruction manuals–LOL!).

    It comes with X-arm extensions if the hole spacing of your TV is  up to 15.74″ wide (very large).

    There are many, many different sized screws, in different lengths. My Curved panel Samsung 55″ TV needed M8 shorter bolts on the top two holes—and Longer M8 bolts on the bottom two holes.

    There are a couple different sized spacers. The top two screws didn’t need any spacer, my bottom two screws needed two of the SHORTER spacers (they also included longer spacers). You can also stack the spacers I suppose to make an even longer one (though that’s probably not a great idea for stability’s sake).

    When you take the two little screws off the back of the TV back bracket–don’t lose those, you put those back on the “lock” the TV onto the hook/arm. MAKE SURE THE TV IS SECURELY ON THE HOOK before going to put the screws in or else the TV can fall—two people is WAY EASIER.

    This came with a combo Allen key/screwdriver tool; and a level; and some washers too.

    WEIRD INSTALL: I mounted my bracket onto my old fashioned heavy oak entertainment center! It’s so heavy I can’t move the entertainment center even when fully emptied of contents, so I wasn’t worried about the whole thing toppling over. I used 3 other bolts/washers and had to open up the 3 mounting holes just a little—this is a weird install.

    The kit includes 3 very large, coarse threaded screws for wall stud mounting. I didn’t use those due to my weird install. They were very nice though. The amount the arm unhinges and tilts allows me to open the doors on the entertainment center–all while the HUGE TV set hides almost the entire entertainment center. Now I don’t have to move/get rid of my entertainment center (which also holds my AV equipment).

    A neighbor bought a 55″ and mounted it onto their wall. They threw away the floor stand. They then quickly decided to get an 80″ and GAVE ME for FREE the 55″ curved Samsung TV! But without any stand for it. So I bought this.

    The plate and swivel arm are pretty heavy (that’s good). So heavy you should NEVER install these just loose into drywall–you need to put the screws into a STUD and not just free hanging or into those plastic drywall anchors. I personally dislike dealing with stud-finding (always worried about hitting an AC or water or natural gas line)…also my house has plaster walls. Yet another reason to do the weird install.

    The plate/swivel arm weighed somewhat close to my entire 55″ TV: very good quality. So heavy that I was just BARELY able to hang the TV onto the arm’s hook/slot. You’ll probably want to get help.

    This unit allows you to arm unhinge the TV in/out over 16″.
    This unit allows you  to tilt up/down.
    This unit allows you to pan left/right at the TV and even more with the arm.
    This unit allows the TV to “spin” slightly so you can level it parallel to the floor.

    You’ll need a drill to drill pilot holes into your concrete wall or wall stud (I mounted it to my heavy entertainment center). Do NOT use the drill to tighten any of the bolts/screws into the back of the TV set, you can break those hole mounts on your TV (on the plastic TV back–not this heavy bracket mount).

    This is probably one the MOST over-delivered (good thing) over-engineered thing I’ve ever purchased here.

    So after the install, what do I have left? The free level, the combo Allen Key/Screwdriver, some spacers, a LOT of bolts and screws and washers and plastic tube-like spacers and a Velcro cable tie strap they included.

    I’m relieved to have my 55″ mounted so sturdily I can probably hang off of it–and my “old fashioned” entertainment center hidden.

  4. cindy harris

    Awesome product. Works great and holds up to high standards

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