USX MOUNT Full Motion TV Wall Mount

  • for Most 47-84 inch Flat Screen/LED/4K TVs
  • TV Mount Bracket Dual Swivel Articulating Tilt 6 Arms
  • Max VESA 600x400mm
  • Holds up to 132lbs
  • Arms Up to 16″ Wood Stud
(1299 customer reviews)


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Easy Installation

On wood studs or solid concrete, do not mount on drywall alone!


Compatible with multiple VESA range

True Full Motion

Bring freedom to your TV with USX-MOUNT

Full Distance

Full distance from the wall


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xml008 k A2
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xml008 k A5


  •  Fits for 47″-84″ Flat Panel TV
  •  VESA : 200×100 / 200×200 / 300×200 / 400×200 / 400×400 / 600x400mm
  • Tilt: +5°/-15°
  • Leveling adjustment: ±3°
  • Swivel: ±45°
  • Distance to the wall: 61-419mm (2.40-16.49″)
  • Weight Capacity: 132 lbs (60KG)


This full motion TV mount fits for most of 47-84inch TVs with VESA size 200*100mm to 600*400mm available.

This TV bracket with dual articulating arms includes +5° /-15° tilt, ±45°swivel( maximum swivel angle depends on your TV), +/-3° post-installation adjustment allows the perfect TV leveling. All these will make your TV flexible and better viewed based on your seat in the room.

Easy installation with detailed instruction and all included hardware in pre-labeled bags(Remarks can help you distinguish which screw you should use). If you need concrete anchors, please contact us to get it for free which will be sent from USA.

This full motion TV wall bracket can pull out to 16.49 and retract back to 2.40”, which saves some valuable space for you and make your house looks neat and Max weight 132lbs.

Comes with 6ft HDMI, 3-Axis magnetic bubble level, 3 pieces pack of cable ties and all standard mounting hardware, 10-year warranty and friendly US-based customer service.


Additional information


200x100mm, 200x200mm, 300x200mm, 400x200mm, 400x400mm, 600x400mm

Maximum Loading Weight (lbs)


1299 reviews for XML008-K

  1. Karen

    Only one side found a stud. But it’s in there pretty good. The only thing they could do differently is to make the vase a little wider so it can be centered and hit two studs.

  2. Damein Prater

    Holds my 80 lb tv easy was easy to install and came with everything u need to get the job done right

  3. Andy

    This telescoping now is heavy duty, very easy to assemble and install, and has a great range of motion

  4. Olavo C De Oliveira

    Great product

  5. justin

    Fast shipping and package right love it

  6. Linny J

    Great mount, Easy to install, just be sure to go over all the bolts on the rear to make sure they are 100% tight to ensure/lessen any unwanted movements once you place the weight of the TV on the mount.

  7. Mike

    Love it. Easy to install for a handy dad. I mounted a 65” and it holds very well.

  8. revkev84

    Easy to install and exactly what we needed!

  9. Samantha Balcom

    I trusted the reviews when purchasing this mount and I couldn’t be happier! It arrived promptly and accordingly. Was seamlessly easy to put together, even my husband was amazed at how swiftly it went being his first mount to do. An the range of motion is PERFECT! For us, the center of our wall isn’t between two studs, rather located on one. So we had to mount this piece slightly to the left so that it may be supported by two studs. With the range of motion this mount has, we was still able to place our tv in the center of the wall. An the mount stayed hidden behind the tv. Highly recommend this mount as it will not disappoint and may even exceed expectations! Would order again! Now we just wait for our new entertainment center to tie the look together. ☺️

  10. Tom M.

    This is a well designed unit and the instructions are very clear with one exception. After installing to stud wall, the instructions direct you to step 4, but should direct you to step 3. Other than that minor typo, it’s probably one of the best sets of instructions I have seen. Things I really like: easy to hang the tv on the unit; unit can hang freely while one person finishes securing the tv to the frame (you do not need three hands 🙂 ; the adjustments for tilt, level, angle and distance from the wall are super easy to make. Words of caution: take your time securing the unit to the wall. These lag bolts are long for a reason. The length is required to hold the unit securely and prevent pulling out of the holes. If drilling into studs, make sure you drill into the stud at its center point and keep the hole level. If the lag bolt protrudes from the side of the stud, it will have very little holding power and may fail causing you tv to hit the floor.

  11. Amazon Customer

    Range of motion

  12. Christopher smith

    Great product, everything you want in a TV mount

  13. Amazon Customer

    I really wanted one that looked amazing

  14. Amazon Customer

    I used this Mount to hold my 70 inch TV and it works great.

  15. Briston

    Highly recommend

  16. Eric Holmes

     Works great for my 70″. Easy to install and works great. Don’t waste your money on the $300 one at bestbuy. This one works great!

  17. Aaron

    I’m very pleased with this TV mount and the ease with which I was able to hang my 65″ TV. It’s extremely sturdy, moves smoothly, tilts in all the ways I want, and is about as flush as you can get with these features. The mounting hardware was generous, with optional materials included to adapt the installation to your needs. It was all a one-person job except liftin the TV into place. If I had another TV to install, I’d buy another mount like this one.

  18. Jay Rob

    Initially I was a little intimidated when opening the box and I’ve hung quite a few tv mounts. But after reviewing the instructions and separating the parts, it was pretty easy. I love the option that allows you to level the tv after mounting it! My experience in the past is if you place the mount on the wall a little crooked, your tv would also be a little crooked.

  19. eustorgio

    Very good

  20. Leopoldo Alaniz

    I bought this stand for a 65″ TV. The installation instructions were very easy to follow and the process took less than 20 minutes. The tilting adjustments are very easy to apply. The TV is very secure and can be moved through the complete range without any issues. The installation template and the leveling tool made it super easy to make sure the TV was installed correctly.

  21. Jean Bogert

    easy to install on our 70” TV in our family room. I llike the range of motion we get sure made it a blessing to be up on the wall.

  22. BookEmDano

    I purchased two of these for a 65 inch Sony Bravia and a 70 inch LG TV and it is super high-quality very heavy duty and easy to install. If you want it centered on the wall, make sure you get two of the included lag screws (one in top hole and one in bottom) in the stud and then purchase zip toggle bolts and put 2-4 in 2-4 other holes on mount. So easy to install—took me 30 minutes. All you need is a drill, small bit (for pilot hole for lag screw ), 1/4” bit (for 1 /4” zip tie toggle bolts), screw driver, level, tape measure, and 1l4” socket or box wrench. Mounts swivels perfectly for a corner or flat wall mount. Don’t forget to also buy USB LED lights for better theater effect.

  23. imdevine

    It didn’t list how far apart the wall mounts are. my studs were 24 inches apart and it seems most mounts, including this one are only for 16 inch studs. it would help if that were listed. I was unable to use this mount at all.

  24. chadl

    Used this to mount my 65” in the basement. Easy to install and very sturdy. Love the mobility of the tv.

  25. Namir Tubia

    This bracket is very well made, easy to install, and it’s very affordable. I used it for my 65 inch TV and it looks great! I highly recommend it!

  26. Khay Ali

    My walls are terrible but this is so strong. It holds my 80” tv perfectly. Get it, you won’t be disappointed

  27. D. Jenkins

    Hey, this thing is heavy. It is well made and comes with everything to mount a super big and heavy tv.

  28. Marie

    Mounted a 55”
    On our outdoor patio very nice , well build

  29. tiemyshe

    This tv mount is built solid and was very easy to install.

  30. lhb09a

    Product works with great precision of adjustment options.

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