• USX MOUNT Full Motion TV Mount Wall Bracket with Articulating Arms
  • for 42″-80″ Flat Screen LED LCD 4K TV
  • Tilt Swivel TV Mounts
  • Max VESA 600x400mm
  • Weight Capacity 99lbs
  • Up to 24″ Wood Stud
(257 customer reviews)


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Easy Installation

On wood studs or solid concrete, do not mount on drywall alone!


Compatible with multiple VESA range


The most reliable mount for home & office

Full Distance

Full distance from the wall


  • Fit for 42”-80” Flat Panel TV
  • VESA:200×100 / 200×200 / 400×200 / 400×400 / 600x400mm
  • Tilt: +5°/-15°
  • Leveling adjustment: ±3°
  • Swivel: ±45°
  • Distance to the wall: 62-372mm (2.45-14.66″)
  • Weight Capacity: 99 lbs (45KG)

This full motion TV wall mount fits for most of 42-80inch TVs with VESA size available 200×100, 200×200,400×200,400×400,600x400mm and Max weight 99lbs.

Compatible with concrete or wood studs (16inch, 18inch and 24inch), do not install your TV wall mount on dry wall alone

Enjoy your viewing experience with this wall bracket providing you +5/-15º tilting, +/- 45º swivel( maximum swivel angle depends on your TV) and rotation +/-3º angles. The degree assists you leveling your TV perfectly. Extending up to 14.66 inch, retract back to low profile 2.45inch. Perfect for the large TVs that do not work with conventional tilting. Reduce reflection and assure full viewing angles.

We developed a 3-step installation process and a manual that is actually useful. Only takes you 20 minutes to finish the installation. Surprise everyone by how easily and fast you got the TV going Full Motion. If you need concrete anchors, please contact us to get it for free which will be sent from USA.

Full sets of pre-labeled hardware bag to fit different TV brands, Samsung, Vizio, LG, etc. Including a 9ft HDMI cable, 3-Axis magnetic bubble level, 3 pieces pack of cable ties, and our incredible 10-year exceptional toll free customer service

TV Size

43inch, 44inch, 45inch, 46inch, 47inch, 48inch, 49inch, 50inch, 51inch, 52inch, 53inch, 54inch, 55inch, 56inch, 57inch, 58inch, 59inch, 60inch, 61inch, 62inch, 63inch, 64inch, 65inch, 66inch, 67inch, 68inch, 69inch, 70inch, 71inch, 72inch, 73inch, 74inch, 75inch


200x100mm, 200x200mm, 400x200mm, 400x400mm, 600x400mm

Maximum Loading Weight (lbs)


257 reviews for XML006-24K-1

  1. Proud American

    Easy to install for a 75” TV. Very surprised it wors so well! I will purchase again

  2. Boriska

    really like this mount compared to my other $100 mount. there are a lot of adjustment you can make including 16/24 stud distance or height of TV Vesa mount or horizontal position. It comes with a very handy template and good instructions. No regrets here

  3. RLS

    Can be used for a wide variety of television sizes. Great full motion movement. What I like the most is the wider mounting back that definitely reaches two sets of wall studs.

  4. Mike D

    Get yourself a strong magnet to locate metal screws they use for drywall. Professional Dry waller’s know where the center of the stud are, they aim for that. If you don’t have a stud finder this is a good way to find the center. this way you can find out if you have 8″ or 16″ or 24″ studs using 2 magnets. I had earth magnets small ones found I had 24″ studs apart.

    Another tip is to find a electrical outlet or if you have cable installed inside the walls they are mounted on the side of a stud. You can take the cover off look which way the nail was driven into the stud.

  5. Ahmet Gokce

    Good quality and easy to install.

  6. Mike Zombo

    Product was exactly as described, fast delivery and a great price.

  7. Tony

    Exactly what i wanted.

  8. Nellia Blaizes-McNear

    Pretty and Practical

  9. Todd Richardson

    What do you want from me? It’s holds up my TV!

    Only complaint is that my tv slides on the bar from side to side a little when I have to turn it. Perhaps I missed a step, not sure.

  10. Christopher Littlefield

    I had this up in about 30 minutes. If you have a Samsung …the brackets on the tv will not sit flat. I added two extra washers under to fill the gap and it worked fine. This is solid

  11. KJ

    No complaints. Lots of extra screw sizes to work with any brand TV. The fold out extra width is a lifesaver for older houses with wider framing distances .

  12. Bill

    Will never buy another mount without the leveling feature. Made this job super easy

  13. Chris

    Looks great. Nice movement.

  14. Kent

    Depending on wall stud location, you may not end up with TV centered on your wall.

  15. Amazon Customer

    Everything was excellent.

  16. Kayla mcdonald

    Great bracket, easy to install

  17. MonteCarloMan

    I bought for my game room to mount my 65 inch Sony on the wall for my Sim Racing and gaming. It works great. I am able to move my screen around with no fear of it coming off or falling. Easy to mount and connect tv.

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