• USX MOUNT Universal Swivel TV Stand
  • For 26-55 Inch LCD LED Flat Screen TVs
  • VESA up to 400x400mm
  • Height Adjustable Tabletop TV Base/Stand Mount
  • Tempered Glass Base
  • Cable Management
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Raise your TV without making holes


Compatible with multiple VESA range


The most reliable TV stand for home & office

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    • Fits for 26″-55″ Flat Panel TV
    • VESA: 75×75 / 100×100 / 100×200 / 150×150 / 200×100 / 200×200 / 200×300 / 200×400 / 300×200 / 300×300 / 400×200 / 400×300 / 400x400mm
    • Tilt: 0°/+3°
    • Swivel: ±40°
    • Weight Capacity: 66lbs (30KG)
    • Height Adjustment: 11.13-15.85″

Designed with a heavy duty steel pole and tempered glass base, this table top TV stand can easily hold your TV on your table with safety and stability. No holes needed on the wall.
This TV Stand base with mount is designed for most 26″ – 55″ flat panel TVs up to 66lbs, with VESA 75x75mm to 400x400mm available.
This universal TV stand has it all features, with ±40° swivel angle and 0/+3° tilt angle, 4 inches of height adjustment, 5 positions to suit different applications of TV sizes. These all can provide a comfortable using experience to dear you!
Easy installation with detailed instruction and all mounting hardware is in pre-labeled bags for you to easily distinguish what you need.
10-year friendly US-Based customer service to provide you support before or after purchase. Cable clips and Anti-tip strap included to relieve any of your concerns.

TV Size

32inch, 33inch, 34inch, 35inch, 36inch, 37inch, 38inch, 39inch, 40inch, 41inch, 42inch, 43inch, 44inch, 45inch, 46inch, 47inch, 48inch, 49inch, 50inch, 51inch, 52inch, 53inch, 54inch, 55inch


75x75mm, 100x100mm, 100x200mm, 150x150mm, 200x100mm, 200x200mm, 200x300mm, 200x400mm, 300x200mm, 300x300mm, 400x200mm, 400x300mm, 400x400mm

Maximum Loading Weight (lbs)


10 reviews for XAS306

  1. Rainy Day

    When I first unboxed this stand, I was amazed at the quality of the parts included. The bottom is a very sturdy tempered glass panel and each of the brackets and stand are made out of painted aluminum which is solid. My problem arose when I began to construct this stand.I am a 25 year old woodworker and I have built several computers in recent years as well. I hate to say it, but even this experience did not aid me very well in building this stand. A full step of instructions was seemingly missing from the instructions and I had to guess which screws fit in which pieces.I rebuilt the back of the stand 3 times because my TV would not stand up straight but had a slight angle to it. Eventually, I had to rig something up so that I could make it work. The stand was VESA compatible with my TV, but the instructions just made it difficult to work around the stand while mounting.I love the swivel feature of the stand it it is extremely solid. Once assembled correctly, it is perfect, and for that I give it 5 stars. For assembly, I would probably give it a 2.

  2. LeonaG

    Pros- Heavy and stable; I feel confident it won’t tip.- Sturdy; feels like it’ll last.- Nice looking base.- Easy to swivel side to side.Cons- Doesn’t tilt downward at all.- I’m at the lowest height setting, but the stand is still too high. For my 43″ TCM Roku TV with VESA 100 configuration, the bottom of the TV is 7.25″ from the furniture it sets on. I like this stand and dislike the furniture, so I’ll replace the furniture, but I’d prefer if the stand had a few lower holes to allow me to lower the TV further. Maybe I can drill a few lower holes, but this is thick metal, and that won’t be easy.Other observations- The instructions are easy to understand in some places and hard to follow in others because they’re mostly just pictures.All in all, I’m quite happy with the purchase.

  3. Kindle Customer

    Likes: this is very sturdy and easily holds my 49″ Samsung TV very securely. I needed it, like most, because the legs that come with the TV are too wide to sit on my TV stand. This fixes this problem very well and stylishly. It is adjustable up and down about 4 inches and swivels left and right 45. The supplied wire guides hide the power and antenna cables behind the center post. The stand that shows is heavy black glass and looks great!Dislike: Nit-picking here: It is a little difficult to assemble just because it is heavy and some of the screws have to be fiddled with to fit into the supplied nuts (these are premounted in the stand). I felt I had to be very careful to not strip the screw my misthreading into the nut. Usually a different supplied screw worked fine.

  4. Amazon Customer

    This stand was bought to replace my Samsung 55″ tv’s original stand so I could fit it into a alcove/tv nook, since this base was smaller than the original base. Basically the original stand was too wide for my DVD/surround system and cable box to fit. Now they all fit with the tv in the middle, surround on one side and cable box on the other. The stand is well built, and packaged very professionally. Pay no mind the people that said the instructions weren’t clear, because they are smoking crack. They were clear and illustrated with big pictures that even my 9 year old kid could follow. Each set of screws, washers, etc were packaged according to size, and type, and were connected together, and clearly labeled, so any complaints about that are bogus as well. TV height you ask? well if you stay within the sizes mentioned in the description, then you should be good to go. I have my 55″ on the second from the lowest setting and have 4 ” between the surface the tv is sitting on and the bottom of the tv screen. I think the lowest setting puts my 55″ at 3″ above the surface. People complained about the bracket that attaches to the back of the tv, and how it didn’t fit right, or was a little out of whack. I found the same to be true, but that was easily fixed by loosening a screw here, moving the bracket slightly, and tightening a screw there until all lines and edges line up. Lastly, I saw several complaints about the stand making the tv out of level. I noticed this on my tv at first myself, and thought I effed up buying this, as it was hanging low on the left side, very noticeably. After over thinking it for a moment, I walked over to the tv, and very gently pushed down on the right side until it leveled out. I’ll be honest, I don’t know if it was supposed to do that, like some built in, unadvertised micro swivel/leveling function, but it moved freely and easily, and has stayed there since i moved it there. Also, I can imagine that you could loosen/tighten the screws on the bracket like I mentioned earlier to get some sort of leveling function as well, though I didn’t need to do that. The only thing I can see wrong with this stand is the tilt function. Oh yes, it does have one, so don’t believe the crackheads that claim it doesn’t. It actually tilts slightly down stock, which is good for me, as my tv sets higher than eye level, but it can be tilted upwards a few degrees. The problem is that its just awkward to do, but if you can use a screwdriver, then it can be accomplished. Overall, this is a great tv stand, and a good value as well!!!!!!!

  5. jk-nyc

    Needed a TV Mounting Stand for a new flat screen that came with flimsy plastic legs mounted near outside edge of TV that were too far apart to fit on existing TV Cart. The USX base is an excellent solution! All parts were clearly marked. Many options for different sized TV back mounts. Multiple choices of metric screws to fit various TVs and USX components. Glass base is thicker than expected and post attaches quite sturdily. I chose this brand because the large square back support seemed to be a better design than other styles which would need horizontal and vertical brackets, and more connections, even for smaller TVs. Swivel adds to functionality. Have used it for several months now – no problems.

  6. Jason Sams

    I purchased a brand new 55′ LG 4K model um 6910 on Black Friday. My entertainment center was too small and I could not fit the new TV on it my girlfriend suggested one of these stands I thought it might not be that sturdy boy did it prove me wrong I am very protective over my electronics I would recommend this stand to anybody for their television it’s extremely sturdy very well-built high-quality materials and you will not be disappointed so if you are looking at this kind of stand purchase this one I’m going to buy another one for the bedroom television and it looks extremely nice it also pivots and swivels and adjustable with the height all-around great product you will not be disappointed buy it just buy it easy to assemble also with just a little patience.

  7. Andew Currie

    I recently got a 50″ 4K TV as an up to the 32″ 720p TV we had previously. The problem I ran into was that the new TV’s legs were about a foot wider than the TV cabinet I have. While I would have liked to have wall mounted it, the layout of the living room meant it wasn’t really an option.My next option was to find a narrower TV base. I looked at a few, including one with thousands of reviews, but I didn’t like the way it (and many like it) mounted to the TV. This one caught my eye because it looks like a scaled up monitor mount. Not nearly as many reviews, but there were a lot of mentions about the excellent quality if this one.They were right. It’s construction is extremely robust. The metal parts are very sturdy, and everything connects securely. The instructions were clear and well written, which deserves special mention. It claims to support 66 pounds, and I believe it. My 50″ TV clocks in at half the weight, so no worries there. Assembly was easy, especially since my TV’s design allowed the mount to bolt right up to it. Once all together, it feels VERY sturdy, even without the anti-tip strap. Even if a cat were to bump into it, it likely wouldn’t go anywhere. The strap is a nice inclusion though, and I did utilize it for extra piece of mind.That it can swivel is also a nice touch. If I had any minor complaint, it would be that it swivels rather easily, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to adjust the tension (the big center bolt was already as tight as it would go). That being said, it says in place, so it’s not a big deal.Perfectly solution for my problem, and I would definitely buy one again.

  8. Keith A. Morse

    Hot tip from the assembly instructions: Lay your TV screen down on the floor or table (on a blanket) and attach the bracket. Then assemble the stand. Then attach the TV to the stand. Depending on the size of the TV, you might want help with this last step. My 42-inch LG TV was small enough for me to handle by myself. I had this finished in less than half an hour. I didn’t find it necessary to use the anti-tip strap, but I held on to it in case I change my mind.

  9. Savvy Engineer

    As advertised, the stand is sturdy, balanced, and easily supports a 55′ TV that with which is was intended to be used. The low rating relates to assembly problems that will likely cause me to return it. The 4 metal straps. which must be in an X shape for 300mm square TV mounts, are stamped metal with a lot of slop in the holes for the screws. As a result, even though the main post is perpendicular to the base and the part of the stand to which the metal straps attach are all correctly aligned, the TV is not. On first assembly the TV had one end 1.5 inches higher than the other end. It took disassembly measurement of all the parts, to discover the problem is the slop in the holes for the straps (using M6 screws to attach the TV to the straps). After dis-assembling and reassembling it multiple times, then loosening the screws holding the TV and the also the ones holding the straps to the stand, I was able to get the TV almost level. It still took putting a magazine under two feet to make the TV acceptably level (about inch off level). This is simply a pain in the you-know-where and was unexpected. Total assembly and mounting the TV took over 3 hours. I will likely return this stand for another model.

  10. Norm Sanders

    I’m HIGHLY impressed with the USX MOUNT TV Base with Swivel Mount. My images will show that I deviated from the position options that come with the installation manual, but that only proves just how versatile this stand is! We just moved into a new construction home, and with rooms to fill we had an older Toshiba TV that I wanted to get as high up off the platform/stand as possible, within the cabinet.The USX MOUNT TV Base with Swivel Mount allowed me to modify it in a way that I could gain an additional >2″ over the standard/proposed installation method(s), which is one of the key reasons I’m giving it 5 stars … if I could give more, I would.It’s an INCREDIBLY robust build, and came in some of the most form-fitting, professionally-built packaging I’ve seen in a while.This company builds a fantastic product, with high quality craftsmanship and materials.The ONLY upgrade recommendation I could make for this particular stand would be if it could tilt up/down at least 5-10 vs. swivel-only.

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