Getting a TV Wall Mount? – Read This Before Buying Yours

June 30, 2020

Using a TV wall mount seems to be a great idea; it will help your safe space and will make your space look modern and sleeker. Selecting the right one for you might sound like a tedious task, but it shouldn’t be. In this guide, we show you all the things you should consider when getting the right one for you.

Your walls

TV wall mounts come with all the necessary hardware you need to install them, including bolts and anchors and most of them are compatible with drywall. Keep in mind that, if possible, you should avoid mounting your television over a fireplace.

In terms of brands and types, whichever wall mount you decide to buy it will be easily attached to your TV as they all use a standard or generic mounting pattern: VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) pattern.

Weight and Size (Safety First!)

It is crucial to know the size and weight of your TV. Most wall mounts are categorized by the screen size of the TV and the weight they can hold. Different brands and types can hold different weight, even if they are meant for the same size of television. Always make sure to take a close look to the product description to choose the one that best address your needs.


[Go Full Motion] Maximum Viewing Flexibility and Corner TV
You should also consider how flexible you want your TV mount to be. If you want to be able to adjust the position of the TV, a full motion mount would be ideal for you. It will allow you to change the direction of the screen to optimize the image. This might be particularly useful if you are mounting your TV in a corner. The rule of thumb is that you usually cannot go wrong with a Full – Motion because it is a all in one mount. 

[Go Tilt] Above Eye Level and Glares
If you are mounting your TV above average level, a tilt wall mount would be ideal for you. It allows you tilt down the TV in order to improve the quality of the picture and avoid glares. This type of mount will also offer an easier access to TV ports and cables compared to a fixed mount.

[Go Fix] At Eye Level and Simple
In case the TV wall mount can be put at the ideal eye level and you don’t need to access ports and cables regularly, then a flat mount would be the best option. Besides, it will make your space look more elegant.

One last factor to check is if the mount you are purchasing is compatible with the type of wall you want to install. If you are not sure you can ask a professional or ask customer service.

In conclusion, if you want to choose the best option for you, you must keep in mind the weight and size of the TV and the flexibility you need. And of course, what kind of wall you will be working with. After reading this, we hope it gets easier for you to decide which TV wall mount to buy.

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