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Generally, check these details about your TV and home — ensure the TV VESA pattern is within the minimum and maximum VESA patterns of the mount; ensure the TV is under the mount’s weight capacity; ensure you have either solid concrete / brick walls or wood studs up to 16 inches apart (24 inches apart for XML006-24K). Decide what style of mount works best for you — articulating, tilting, or a simple fixed mount.

These mounts must be installed into either solid concrete / brick wall or wood stud(s). These mount are not compatible with metal studs. NEVER mount a TV directly into drywall.

These mounts cannot be installed into drywall, even with drywall anchors. The mount will eventually pull from the drywall and fall, regardless of the weight of the TV. The provided anchors are for solid concrete / brick ONLY.

Our model XML006-24K can be used with wood studs up to 24″ apart. All other double stud mounts are for wood studs up to 16″ apart. We do provide a separate wall plate bar that can be used for these mounts; this bar will reach wood studs up to 24″ apart.

The four extended arms are not always needed. For models such as XMM006 where four extended arms are provided, these are intended for use with wider TV VESA patterns such as 300mm – 400mm. For smaller VESA patterns such as 75mm – 200mm, the extended arms are not required.

We provide many different sizes and lengths of TV screws to fit in the VESA holes in the back of your TV. Every TV requries its own specific size TV screw. If you are not sure what size your TV requires, you may prefit the screws in TV holes to find the correct size. You will only need four screws total; the unused screws will be extra parts.

Spacers are not always needed. Use a spacer if the VESA holes in the back of your TV are recessed. Spacers can also be used if the TV screw is a little too long; use the spacer to fill in the gap. Also use a spacer if you want to create distance between the brackets and the back of the TV; this is useful if the back of your TV is not completely flush or if you want some space to run your cables through / access your inputs and outputs. The spacer does not fit inside the TV holes, but right up against it. Use the correct spacer size sith your screw, i.e. M6 spacers with M6 screws.

Concrete anchors will be sent out upon request for use into solid concrete / brick. Kindly provide your full shipping address and we will gladly send them out to customers free of charge; they typically arrive within 2-4 business days.

Ensure that all tilting screws / handles are tightened securely. Ensure that your television does not exceed the weight capacity of the mount. A final solution would be to insert an M6x12 screw into both tilting slots and securing them with M6 washers and M6 hex nuts to prevent the TV from tilting down. We will gladly provide this hardware for you.

Typically our mounts are sold through Amazon and Home Depot websites. We may be able to assist if you are placing a bulk order of 20 or more mounts. Orders can be returned through the same method they were purchased — either through Amazon or Home Depot.

We do not offer installation services. Feel free to visit a third party installation service at

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